‘Sabbath Girl’ Review: A Meet-Cute with Art and Knishes. It takes a bit longer, but, in order for them to understand they’ve been each other’s individual.

Cary Gitter’s comedy that is throwback romantic about an Orthodox Jew along with his Italian-American neighbor, is style of sweet and style of clunky.

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Angie is single and italian-American; Seth is a divorced Orthodox Jew. She lives in apartment 4C; he could be along the hallway in 4J. She’s a curator at a Chelsea gallery; he operates a knish store on the Lower East Side. She discovers motivation during the Metropolitan Museum; he translates an obscure writer that is yiddish enjoyable.

You’ve guessed it: we have been in a comedy that is romantic “The Sabbath Girl, ” and its own protagonists are fated to be mated, as Cole Porter place it back 1957 (several things never change). But even though it is refreshing to begin to see the young author Cary Gitter unabashedly dive as a genre as rare onstage since it is popular onscreen, their play, at 59E59 Theaters, can’t escape the cliches and clunky setups that burden rom-com just as much as they fuel it.

Angie (Lauren Annunziata) and Seth (Jeremy Rishe) meet — sweet, obviously — as he asks her to show on their air-conditioner: It’s Friday night so when A jew that is observant can’t do so himself. Quickly enough, Angie becomes Seth’s bemused “Shabbos goy. ”

It will require a bit longer, nevertheless, in order for them to recognize these are typically each other’s individual. buy my wife

Angie is sidetracked by Blake (Ty Molbak), a hunky artist she’s wanting to attract to her gallery, undeterred by the reality that he’s the types of man who prefaces a declaration with “Here’s exactly exactly exactly what we see in your heart. ” In terms of Seth, he must over come the objections of their sis, Rachel (Lauren Singerman), who’s appalled that he’s also thinking of dating outside their faith.

“The Sabbath Girl” stocks a great deal utilizing the 1988 film “Crossing Delancey, ” including an immersion in Jewish faith and culture, an arty feminine lead who hesitates from a fancy suitor and a modest working man together with influential existence of a grandmother that is benevolent.

In Angie’s case it’s Sophia (Angelina Fiordellisi), whom keeps reminding her granddaughter, cheerily but insistently, that being an effective pro is perhaps all well and good, but a female just isn’t complete without real love. Never mind that Sophia’s tips are simply a bit that is tiny: Nonna gonna nonna.

Even though the cast of Joe Brancato’s Penguin Rep Theater manufacturing mostly does well by the forced characters and situations — almost everything relating to the art globe is ludicrous — Rishe stands out together with his portrayal that is endearing of nebbishy romantic.

It helps that Gitter is most comfortable writing that character, endowing Seth with a sweetness that falls simply in short supply of precious, as he questions their religion’s demands whether he’s teaching Angie the proper way to eat a knish (“you put the mustard inside and close it up”) or standing up to his sister.

Rachel informs her cousin which he has “adorably flustered charm” — which can be a pattern for Gitter heroes, because the male protagonist of his previous How that is one-act Grandparents Fell in Love” had been reported to be “admittedly charming, in sort of bumbling way. ”

Lest we think Angie and Seth gallop too effortlessly toward a predetermined joyfully ever after, the play gives them a solid last test, with a help from costume designer Gregory Gale: Seth appears in a screamingly ugly blazer and tie.

That Angie does recoil in horror n’t means Grandma Sophia can sleep simple: This love is built to final.

The Sabbath GirlThrough March 8 at 59E59 Theaters, Manhattan; 646-892-7999, 59e59.org. Operating time: 60 minutes half an hour.