Hulk Hogan possibly betrayed by bud that is best in intercourse tape scandal

Hulk Hogan is finally telling exactly about that intercourse tape that his the interwebs week that is last. The truth that is sad? It appears like their friend that is best may have set the whole lot up.

Give us a call cynical, but we assumed that the drip of Hulk Hogan’s intercourse tape ended up being somehow tied in together with promotion of his upcoming “Super Bowl of Wrestling” pay-per-view special Bound For Glory set to atmosphere on the weekend.

Now? We’re not too yes.

Hogan sat down for a interview that is really honest SiriusXM Hits 1’s Morning Mashup and fundamentally unveiled that yes, it seems most likely that their alleged “best friend” Bubba the like Sponge arranged the intercourse tape release.

“Thank Jesus the children are 22 and 24, ” he said, talking about young ones Nick Hogan and Brooke Hogan. “Thank Jesus my brand new spouse Jennifer isn’t an integral part of this news circus. ”

The wife of shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge if you’ll recall, Gawker released a short one-minute clip of Hogan’s intimate encounter with Heather Clem. Instantly, we wondered who filmed the encounter, especially considering that the footage is apparently from a protection digital camera.

Works out, the thing ended up being 2 yrs when you look at the generating.

“Bubba had been my closest friend, ” Hogan stated. “For 2 yrs Heather was like, ‘I’m crazy in regards to you and would like to have sexual intercourse to you. ‘”

It wasn’t a tale. Hulk added that Clem had been pretty persistent and intense about any of it — and Bubba had been on board.

“He’s like, ‘Yeah, it is cool, man, ‘” Hogan recalled. This proceeded for 2 years until he hit a rock that is personal together with now ex-wife, Linda Hogan, and their son’s prison phrase.

“Eventually i recently said, ‘The hell along with it, ‘” he said. “I never ever would dream digital cameras had been involved. ”

The Hulkster also remembered making a remark concerning the protection digital digital digital camera, but Bubba guaranteed sex chatrooms him absolutely nothing had been fired up. Fast ahead to a months that are few: images through the tape emerged on the net — and it also freaked Hogan away. He called up their bud that is best getting the low-down about what occurred.

“I told Bubba, ‘Dude, we don’t know what’s going in. I’m done now. Unlawful costs are increasingly being filed. I must understand he remembered if you did this or not.

Bubba denied once you understand any such thing about any of it, but individuals who’ve heard of complete tape state his alleged pal that is best walks up to your digital camera by the end for the tape.

“Hey Heather, right here’s our your retirement it, ” Bubba allegedly says in the video if we ever need.

Hogan stated the understanding that their buddy circulated the tape provided him a rigorous physical reaction that he thought ended up being a coronary arrest.

“If this will be real, then not just ended up being he maybe maybe not my pal, he waited he didn’t worry about some of that. Until I became at a decreased point to film, ” adding that Bubba knew exactly about their individual issues and “”

Disgruntled worker accountable for the drip?

Hogan continues to haven’t watched the entire tape, but he’s probably likely to make attorney David Houston view it to see if it is in reality just what everyone is saying.

A source told RadarOnline it was really released by Bubba’s ex-employee.

“Even though Bubba knew exactly how much the Hulk intercourse tape could be well well well worth, he didn’t stab their buddy into the as well as he’s perhaps perhaps not the main one who circulated it, ” the source told the web site. “It’s a previous worker of Bubba’s who had been outraged as he left Sirius to go back to radio that is terrestrial. He desired payback. ”

A few issues with that: Why would the employee understand it exists? Also, why would Bubba and Clem record him into the beginning?

“I’m praying to Jesus that it is maybe not true, ” he added. “I’m sure what folks explained. I’m waiting to see this tape. ”

And when Bubba did launch the tape?

“He’s currently forgiven and If only him absolutely nothing but comfort and delight, ” Hogan stated, incorporating that he’ll pay every thing to their attorney for unlawful and civil fees.

In terms of their relationship, if it is real?

“We actually had been never ever buddies, ” Hogan told the Mashup.