Google Next

The first and most obvious will be to see what stakes Thomas Kurian is driving into the ground to help drive Google Cloud execution in the market and candidly to see how they intend to close the gap with AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Google NEXT has historically scored an A on technology and a C on a clearly defined message coque iphone newarrival and execution strategy coque iphone 5c épaisse into the enterprise.

First and foremost, I’m excited to hear from the new GCP CEO Thomas Kurian and what his vision and plans are for coque iphone 4s starbucks silicone the organization over the next 12 18 months. I think many in the industry coque iphone 5c palestine understand some of the steps Google needs to make to become the cloud powerhouse it desires to be, with arguably the largest being a greater focus on hybrid cloud enablement. I think we caught a glimpse of that with the Alooma acquisition. I’m hoping to hear coque iphone 5c humour noir more about the plans for Alooma, coque iphone 4 pas cher ebay where/how it will be integrated and some roadmap details on coque iphone 5 deeper integrations kenzo coque iphone 4s across GCP services.

Next week is Google Cloud Next. Are you ready Before we get inundated with all the cloud news over the next few days, I thought I coque iphone 5 la rochelle would take coque iphone 5 john deere a moment and share coque iphone 5c iphone the two questions that coque iphone 4 homme are framing my expectations for the event next week in San Francisco.

What steps is Google taking to lead the IT and Business transformation The cloud and innovative data services offered by Google are changing what is possible for businesses to achieve with their data. What is on the plate for 2019 And what should businesses be doing to position themselves to maximize what Google has to offer How is Google helping them

With the growth of data and the focus on becoming more data driven, many organizations have turned to Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark as their big data coque samsung a5 and analytics framework to store and process their data. While the solutions are quite powerful, to effectively manage a constantly evolving infrastructure that must continue to meet the demands of coque iphone 5 plastique rigide a modern business, it can quickly become a logistical and administrative nightmare. With the understanding that organizations have plans to adopt cloud technology and one of the top use cases for existing IaaS and PaaS users is for data analytics, the idea of leveraging an Hadoopand Spark based managed service in the cloud is quite appealing.

Going into Google NEXT, I expected announcements across the entire cloud business. Between their recent (positive) financials, customer traction and (more coque iphone 5 bleu importantly) growth, and a rapidly expanding list of offerings and managed services, I expected announcements to focus on what I view as their areas of differentiation: foundational built in security by design, commitment to open source technologies in their own and across clouds, core AI and ML solutions and services that are embedded/ integrated across GCP services, and easy to use cloud native collaboration products in GSuite. While I’ll let my colleagues share coque iphone 6 their thoughts on security, mobility/devices, and dev/ops, I’ll be focusing my recap on analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

I was at Google Next last week in San Francisco and had the opportunity to attend a few sessions and meet with industry coque iphone 4 moto cross friends and some coque de marque samsung j5 2016 interesting companies. The event was packed coque iphone 7 8 plus like a major airport in a storm on the day before Thanksgiving!

It was very clear that more than ever, Google has its coque iphone 5 james harden sights on coque iphone 5s noire the enterprise market. It could be seen from many different perspectives, with its many offerings like the Chromebook enterprise product lines from multiple vendors, to sessions focused on AI in the Google cloud, cloud security, and many other topics…