Apple Airport 7

Apple Airport 7.6 Update

Apple put out a firmware update (version 7.6) for its Airport wireless routers. It helps with AirPlay (that amazing feature that lets you show your whole iPad 2 or iPhone 4S screen on your TV, provided you have an Apple TV), and coque iphone 4s mickey et minnie with network performance. Apple doesn say much more about it, but coque iphone 5 personnalisé vistaprint I installed it here on two Airports and so coque star wars samsung j5 2017 far so good.

Airport base stations check weekly with Apple for updates. When there is one, like this 7.6 update, your Airport coque iphone 5c gothique base station light will flash orange, on and off, and you are likely coque iphone 5 coque samsung s6 pour geek to get a message on your Mac screen that there is problem with your Airport. That overdoing it swarovski coque iphone 5 they shouldn call it a problem and you shouldn be worried that there is something wrong. All you have to do is let the update take place, which it will do automatically if you simply click when the box pops up, telling you about problem. can easily do this yourself. You supposed to. Note that your internet will go down for just a moment after the update, as the installation requires restarting the Airport and while that happening, you offline. It won take coque samsung galaxy j5 2017 transparente rigide more than a minute or so for the restart, and less than five minutes for the entire process. So go for it.

(If you want to get straight to doing the update, locate the Airport Utility (in the Utilities folder, in the Applications folder) and do the update from there.)

Super cool: you can update your coque iphone 4s 3 Airport using your iPad or coques personnalisees iphone 5 5s se iPhone. Get the official Apple Airport Utility app and you on your way.

Tap one of the Airports and you get a bunch of info, including an option to update firmware. So neat.

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