iPhone Calendar Problems

Users have reported problems with saving events for dates in the past; many have coque iphone 5 camping car observed that the events with a past date only show up in their calendar for a few seconds and then coque or samsung j5 they are gone. The most likely reason for this problem is coque iphone coque samsung j4 5c chat that your iPhone Calendar is getting synchronized with iCloud or another online calendar service and also that coque iphone 5c bleu dégradé your iPhone is set to sync only the recent most events. To change it, go to Settings > Mail > Contacts >Calendars; here you should be able to see ‘1 month’ as the default setting. You can click on this option to change it to 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months or 6 coque iphone 4s calculatrice months comment ouvrir coque iphone 4 or you can also select All Events for syncing everything in your calendar.

The best way to ensure that you do not lose all your Calendar data is to archive or make copies of your Calendar coque iphone 4s ikea from iCloud. Now, copy the URL of this shared calendar and open it in any of your browsers (please note that instead of ‘http’ in the URL, you have to use ‘webcal’ before pressing the Enter / Return button). This will download and ICS file on to your computer. Add this Calendar file to any coque iphone 5 paul et coque samsung a40 joe of the calendar clients that you have on your computer, for example: Outlook for Windows and Calendar for Mac. Once you have done this, you have successfully downloaded a copy of your coque iphone 4 border collie Calendar from iCloud.

If not, then start by refreshing your calendar on iPhone. Run coque iphone 4 garcon the coque iphone 5 boulanger app Calendar and coque samsung a50 click on the tab Calendar. This should show the list of all your coque iphone 5c overwatch calendars. Now, pull down on this list to refresh. If refreshing doesn’t resolve the issue of duplicate calendars then check coque samsung j5 2017 coque samsung j7 simba if you have both iTunes and iCloud set to sync your calendar. If yes, then turn off the sync option on iTunes as with coque samsung j5 2016 superman both the coque samsung riverdale samsung j5 options on, calendar may coque samsung s5 get minion coque iphone 5 duplicated, so leaving just iCloud set up to sync your calendar, you should see no more duplicate calendars on your iPhone…