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Social media scams on , ,and more

A quick example of a basically harmless scam: you’ve most likely come across at least one coque iphone 6s avec paillette chain letter passed on via popular social networks. These are messages that claim that the owners of the network will start charging users or that it will shut down. bentoben coque iphone 7 They will prompt you to coque iphone 8 cannabis forward the message to everyone you know coque iphone 8 plus hijab coque huawei p8 in order to shut down. Others coque iphone 6 licorne en silicone claim that a brand or celebrity will donate money to a charity cause for every share of that message.

These kind of scams are coque samsung s10 only social media clutter and noise. But they can also turn malicious very quickly.

1. They trick you into visiting websites and / or clicking on ads

Most websites make money from selling advertisements. The most common type of advertising is based on paying for impressions (page views how many times did a potential customer view an ad) or clicks (how many coque crystal iphone 8 times did a potential customer click on an ad).

The impressions system is based purely coque huawei nova on traffic, on the number of times an ad was displayed to a user while viewing a coque moto iphone 8 web page.

The pay per click system means that advertisers only pay the website when a user clicks on coque iphone 6 jolie fille an ad.

This system can be tricked by generating clicks that don’t come from genuinely interested users, or by coque fleur iphone 8 plus hijacking clicks that were intended coque iphone 6 jordan bleu for a legitimate advertiser.

You may argue that it’s harmless, and that an individual page view or click will coque iphone 8 contemporain only bring scammers a tiny amount of money.

So what if they trick you into clicking on an ad and you thought it’s a completely different thing Only wasted time, right

Well, if you start multiplying those few cents from your click with other millions of clicks that they managed to gather, you’ll see that scammers can fraudulently raise serious coque iphone 5s lot de 7 amounts of money.

This is called “Click fraud” and, according to a report from the Association of National Advertisers, marketers all over the world could lose this year up to $7.2 billion because of it.

This is similar to the previous point.

By making you like a page, follow an account, comment or tag people, scammers will raise the numbers of a social account. They also ensure that the action will appear in your news feed, providing them with coque samsung galaxy s8 access to more people.

Sometimes, this is for the own benefit of the scammers, so they can pretend coque iphone 8 plus swarovski transparente their account has genuine online influence and then place ads it coque iphone 6s collante or even sell it.

Other times, third parties such as brands or companies will buy likes or followers for their social accounts. This way, they’ll be able to better sell their social media accounts, by making advertisers think they have real influence.

I’m just trying to clear how these things work, so I’ll not comment on coque huawei p30 the ethics of this action, as it’s not the main subject here.

3. They trick you into giving them sensitive information

Phishing is the name given to coque iphone 6 dur mat cybercriminals’ attempt to trick you into giving them sensitive information or money.

They will craft a plausible message that seems to come from a social network representative or from one of your online buddies. They will then lead you to a site that appears to be legit, where you’ll be prompted to enter sensitive information.

From name to email address, phone number, home address, social security number, to credit card details, bank account number, passwords, etc. this kind of information can be used for financial fraud, identity theft, blackmail and so on. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that your personal information is as precious as gold and you should do anything coque iphone 7 new holland to protect it…